The user query format is changing, the query result interface is changing, no more serps and keywords, what can rank trackers do where there is no ranking?

İren Saltalı
2 min readJun 5, 2023

I am writing this article inspired by Onur’s reply to my tweet.

What can we, as, do here?

First of all, it will be important for artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to present the information and connection it has quickly and accurately. For the moment, we are the ones that parse the most SERP features in the world. In other words, by transitioning to a structure that evaluates AIs as a SERP feature, we can measure how Google and Bing present and explain their AI-supported results with metrics and adapt to this process.

In this new era, even as search query formats and interfaces change, we will strengthen our capacity to provide relevant information in concert with AI, even in an environment where SERPs and keywords are of diminishing importance, or even no rankings at all. In this way, rank trackers can adapt to this change and continue to provide a valuable service.

In fact, we observe that Google and Bing also refer to several sources in all LLM widgets they show as SERP Features. Therefore, just as it is valuable to track the performance of search keywords for the KPIs of brands, we believe that the ‘referencing’ in the answers to the questions asked to LLMs are also elements that need to be monitored and improved.

For example, in the fashion side of e-commerce, being referenced in the questions asked to LLMs will be a priority for many fashion brands. Probably dynamically, we think this will be important as LLMs are fed by the results. Especially if we assume that Search Console will develop a feature in this area too late (considering Google’s investment in this area etc.), we can capture a good market.

As a result, we will continue to work on adapting to the world of AI-powered search, strengthening the capacity of brands to provide valuable information, and gaining a share of the market in this area. In this way, rank trackers and other content providers can continue to provide valuable services with changing technology.



İren Saltalı

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