How to access Clubhouse app? (Free and Paid)

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2 min readJan 31, 2021
Clubhouse App

What Is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is a new social media app that lets users chat in actual time, proportion stories, collaborate and jump thoughts off every different usage of their voice without the want for plenty of additional equipment.

How to get inside of Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse has an invite-only signup model, and it is only available for iPhone users. You can download the app and signup with your phone number. But you can’t access the inside of the app unless you are invited.

How you can get inside?

By knowing someone inside.

If you know someone inside the Clubhouse and you are on his/her contact list before. You can download the app and her username. After that, some friends of yours will be notified that you are on the waiting list. They can just let you in without wasting invitation counts.

This method may not work every time. I don’t know how the Clubhouse algorithm works, but I try this method a few times, and I didn’t get a notification every time one of my friends signup into the app and get a username.

By getting invitation.

You can get an invitation from anyone you know. It is simple. Your friend will add you to his contact list on the phone. After that, you can invite a friend by clicking the envelope button by going to the invite section.

This method is limited to your invitation count. When you first signup, you get two more invitations. If you need more, you just need to be active on the app. This is not officially announced, but you can try to do the followings to get more invitations.

  • Create rooms and moderate
  • Get in the rooms, listen, speak
  • Get into groups, explore
  • Follow users, get followed
  • Answer invitation requests.

By buying an invitation

You can find any invitation for free you can always buy it. Here is a few options for that.



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